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Friday, January 3, 2014

♥~~Spotlight + Giveaway + Interview~~♥ MAGIC ACADEMY by Jillian Keep

Title: Magic Academy
Author: Jillian Keep
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Dec 13 2013
Editions/Formats it will be Available In: eBook

Out of a young woman’s ambition comes a love triangle that could destroy more than her heart.
Firia has always wanted to be a witch, but even though she’s a natural in magic, there’s a problem: She’s human.
Considered by the elven elite to be inferior, Firia needs an edge to be accepted into the Magic Academy. Out of sheer desperation, she summons the demon Varuj, a terrifyingly gorgeous spirit who helps her win the entrance competition. But at what price?
As the commanding demon does everything he can to penetrate every aspect of her innocent life, Firia still finds herself drawn to her study partner, Mae’lin. Not only is the sweet elf completely different from the powerful Varuj, but their relationship is forbidden.

How is she supposed to choose between the demon she owes her life to and the innocent elf who makes her a better person?

This thrilling coming of age new adult romance is from fantasy romance author, Jillian Keep.
Jillian Keep is the softer and more romantic side of J.E. & M. Keep. They love to combine fantasy, scifi, horror, romance and mystery into exciting and titillating novels.
They are long term, loving partners in a very happy relationship and because of this; they love to torture their characters. Dark romance touches all of their stories in one way or another; from elicit trysts to forbidden love.

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1.         What would you say was the most fun about writing this book?
How it all tied in together. It was a really complicated novel for us, and will be the first in many, so setting up a solid base was really important. Knowing that our beta readers and the advanced reviewers have been responding so well to the ending says that it was done well!
2.         Give us some insight into the main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
She’s daring, adventurous, and driven, willing to take immense risks to escape her lot in life. She’s certainly not like most other humans in her world. She’s talented with magic and has the drive to succeed, despite the many setbacks - poverty, single parent family, heritage - that she has to face.
3.         What are you working on right now?
The second one is in planning! Though we hope to finish the sequel to “The Mistress” before then. For those who don’t know, “The Mistress” is a mystery novel about a young psychology student in the 1920’s who gets caught up in a lot of intrigue and suspense at her university.
4.         What genre are your books?
Almost always fantasy and scifi, though we do the occasional contemporary and often slip in some mystery.
5.         What draws you to this genre?
It’s so much more interesting to explore serious themes in a more whimsical setting. In fantasy, such as “Magic Academy”, we can create new laws of nature, new societies, everything bent to our whim. Trees that grow sideways, castles that float, and intrepid young  women who make deals with the devil.
6.         What is your favorite color?
Today it’s red!
7.         What is your favorite food?
Cheesecake! Thick and creamy.
8.         Are you a cat or dog person? Why?
Neither due to allergies, sadly. Though if not for that we’d be split down the middle, cat vs. dog.
9.         How are you published (*i.e. indie, traditional, or both) and why?
Indies definitely has more freedom to respond to fan wishes, and to explore themes that might not be the most profitable. It also allows us to keep more of the money from sales and use that to promote our work in manners we approve of,  that give more back to our fans, such as contests and giveaways.
10.       Do you have any amusing stories from your adventures in the writing world?
We once got a very negative review on one of our stories from an arachnophobe because the monster in it was described as having eight limbs in total, and their mind immediately jumped to “Giant spider”! And they became quite upset.
11.        What is your favorite motivational phrase?
“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” - Mark Twain
12.       What is your favorite book and why?
Maybe when you become a really prolific reader it stops being easy to pick a favourite. In our minds there are so many great books we love and adore that just race through. Trying to rank them can almost feel like cheapening them, because not all books stand judgement under the same criteria.
However, in the realm of fantasy-romance the Last T’En trilogy stands out as something special and influential to our work. With a cunning and capable woman thrown into a desperate situation that she manages to overcome, despite the odds.
We love stories of desperate heroes and heroines overcoming great odds. Tales of sacrifice. Love and romance that blossoms despite the ominous circumstances. And characters who fall for each other even when they most definitely should not.
13.       What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t give up. There are so many options available if you’re willing to keep pushing.
Conversely, relax, and don’t burn yourself out. You can’t run on max forever, eventually you burn out.
14.       To end: Give us three Good to Know things about you. Be creative.
Jillian Keep is actually one person in two bodies! We wanted to separate our darker and more erotic works from our more romantic and softer novels!
We’ve been partners and writing together since we were teenagers. We met online one night through a random chat hookup, and that somehow miraculously ended up being the romance of our lives, going strong well over a decade later!
Aside from reading and writing, we’re huge movie, tabletop and video game fans. We love roleplaying games, action games, and even own and operate a large site dedicated to combining two of our biggest passions: writing and gaming. Darknest has many thousands of members and is primarily dedicated to producing fan created fiction and art about video games. 

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