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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

COVER COVET!!! The Devil's Third by Rebekkah Ford

The Exciting Continuation Of The Beyond the Eyes Trilogy.

If you could have the power to control evil, would you want it?

In a rainy, misty town filled with moss covered trees and dwarfed by wooded mountains, Astoria, Oregon, holds many secrets and eighteen-year-old Paige Reed is one of them. She’s immortal, has magical abilities she’s discovering, and harbors King Solomon’s power inside her. With his incantations, she can control the dark spirits who lurk among society in soulless humans.

But her problems are mounting.

Her best friend slips into a coma, and Paige must tap into her newfound powers—powers she’s unsure of—to save her.

Through this ordeal, Bael who once commanded a legion of black souls, forces Paige to make a pact with him, causing her to abandon the ones she loves. When she finds out where Solomon’s spells are and tells Bael, she begins to have second thoughts about her agreement with him.

Will she risk everything to claim the spells that hold the power to control the dark spirits so she can enslave him? Or will her one true love find her before she makes a horrible mistake that could damage her for life? 

And most importantly, what does the Devil’s third mean and what is Bael really up to?

Rebekkah Ford grew up in a family that dealt with the paranormal. Her parents' Charles and Geri Wilhelm were the directors of the UFO Investigator's League in Fairfield, Ohio, back in the 1970s. They also investigated ghost hauntings and Bigfoot sightings in addition to UFO's. Growing up in this type of environment and having the passion for writing is what drove Rebekkah at an early age to write stories dealing with the paranormal. At one point in her life, she thought she wanted to be a journalist, and although she enjoyed writing articles, she quickly discovered her real passion was writing fiction. Her fascination with the paranormal is what led her to write the 'Beyond the Eyes' trilogy. 

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scent of Salvation by Annie Nicholas Release Day Blitz!!!

Name: Scent of Salvation         
Chronicles of Eorthe Book 1
Author: Annie Nicholas
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication:  July 30th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-61921-748-5
Word Count: 98,000
Cover Artist: Kanax

Book Description:

Love blooms across species, culture, and time.

Chronicles of Eorthe, Book 1

Stranded in another dimension, on a primitive version of Earth, Dr. Susan Barlow needs to find a way to survive. There’s no electricity, no cities, and to her shock, no humans. Instead, she faces a population of werewolves, vampires and incubi. The people are vicious but she must find her place among them. And live.

An illness is killing Sorin’s pack. As alpha it’s his responsibility to save them, but it’s a battle this warrior doesn’t know how to fight. Then a blue light in the sky brings a creature he’s never seen. She calls herself human, but to him she smells like hope.

Sorin offers Susan a safe haven in return for a cure, but she’s not that kind of a doctor. She’s a doctor of physics, not a physician. Yet as they search for a cure to save a dying people, they find something special—each other.

But even with Sorin’s protection, Susan can’t help but wonder how long she can survive in a world without humans…

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About the Author:

Annie Nicholas writes paranormal romance with a twist. She has courted vampires, hunted with shifters, and slain a dragon’s ego all with the might of her pen. Riding the wind of her imagination, she travels beyond the restraints of reality and shares them with anyone wanting to read her stories. Mother, daughter, and wife are some of the other hats she wears while hiking through the hills and dales of her adopted state of Vermont.

Annie writes for Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, and Lyrical Press.

Before Susan could explain anything about dimensions and gateways, the door to Kele’s chamber crashed open, and Susan jumped to the balls of her feet, prepared—to what, fight? Was she nuts?

A female blocked the entrance, her muscular physique hinting at enough strength to twist Susan into a pretzel without breaking a sweat. The newcomer flung her black hair over her shoulder.

Rising with grace, Kele straightened her dress before addressing the intruder. “Mother.”

“Daughter, I heard you’ve brought home a stray along with the Apisi alpha.” The female’s stare drilled into Susan, her sneer far from welcoming.

Susan’s breath caught in her throat. Black, soulless eyes ate her gaze. Her fingers clutched the lapels of her jacket as she pulled it closed. She wiped her sweaty palms on her pants and offered her hand. “I’m Dr. Susan Barlow.”

The female shifter narrowed her eyes, nostrils flaring.

Susan withdrew her untouched hand, then hid it behind her back and glanced at Kele. Maybe she should have sniffed her mother instead? She wished someone would give her the Dummies Guide to Shifter Society and a little time to study it.

Kele’s mother crossed the room in two great strides and swung her arm.

Susan did her best impression of a statue. She didn’t budge as the impact of the slap swerved her head to the side and dragged her gaze from mother to daughter. Both of them were flushed with emotion yet at opposite poles of the color spectrum—one dark as an oncoming storm and the other pale as the moonlight.

The back of Susan’s heel caught the edge of the cushion and she landed hard on her back.

The bitter flavor of blood swept over her taste buds. “What the hell?” She rubbed her jaw and glared daggers at the crazy woman looming over her. Just as quickly, she schooled her expression to something less threatening before she insulted the bigger shifter further. With the tip of her tongue, Susan explored her mouth. She didn’t encounter any big gaps, so no lost tooth. A small blessing.

Kele’s crazy mother hovered over Susan’s face and bared her teeth. In beast form, her expression would have appeared fierce, but in human form it seemed terrifying. With an easy grace, she flipped Susan onto her stomach. A bony knee pressed between her shoulder blades, making her kiss the floor. Pain shot across Susan’s upper back and neck.

“How dare you come into my den and not submit to me.”

“She’s not a shifter!” Kele shouted. “You can’t expect her to know how to be polite.”

Something ran over Susan’s hair, and the sound of sniffing followed. She tried to take a deep breath but the weight on her back made it difficult.

The nutjob exhaled in disgust. “What is she?”

“A human.” Kele peered at Susan’s throbbing face as she stroked her hair. “Please, I wanted to teach her how to behave before meeting you and father.”

“Your father.” The bitch snorted. “It’s bad enough he’s entertaining a vampire and dealing with trespassing alphas. We don’t need any more vermin within the den.”

Susan was jerked from the ground by her hair and dragged across the floor. Pain shot into her scalp while she scrambled to support her weight with her legs.

“Let go. Let go.” The shifter world was more brutal than anything she’d ever experienced. Susan slapped at the crazy woman’s hands tangled in her hair.

“My daughter took too many liberties in offering you shelter. You’ll need to find another den to take you in.”

At a loss, Susan yanked and squirmed but only made the pain worse. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kele leap.

The petite blonde used her wiry strength to jump across the room and land on her mother’s back. The collision knocked them both to the ground in a knot of arms and legs.

Untangling her limbs from the struggling shifters, Susan could finally elbow the bitch in the face. The impact made a satisfying crunch. She pulled back her arm for a second shot, but Kele grabbed her and half carried, half dragged her out of the chamber.

“Hurry, we need to reach my father before she beats you into cinders.”

Not needing any further incentive, Susan ran after her new friend. “Your people are crazy.”

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COVER COVET: Guarded by J.D. Rivera!!!

Guarded JD Rivera Cover

Book Description:

**novella length** Vanessa Smith has her heart guarded. She’s been married to a man that sleeps around and has made her think she’s ugly and undeserving. Everything changes when she is knocked down by the famous basketball player, Jackson Berrios. A friendship ensues and everything she thought she knew about men turns out to be wrong. Jackson Berrios was out for a run in a new city when he made contact with the beautiful Vanessa Smith. He instantly knew she was different from most girls but can he make her see that he’s different from her cheating husband?

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Author Bio: JD Profile J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading. Author Links: Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/7083001.J_D_Rivera Blog: http://writerjdrivera.blogspot.com/ Twitter: @writerjdrivera Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/JD-Rivera/446065515473545?ref=stream
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Breaking the Rules by H.B. Heinzer Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!!!

Breaking the Rules Blog Tour
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Growing up in small town Wisconsin, Carly Turner couldn't wait to escape when she graduated high school. Now, she's living the life in New York City, even if she isn't seeing her name in lights like she used to dream about at night. She's living paycheck-to-paycheck, working behind the scenes in small theaters off Broadway. When there's an equipment malfunction the week before opening night, Carly makes a call that winds up changing everything.
Life in the city isn't all it's cracked up to be. While she feels like she's getting closer to making the move from behind the scenes to center stage, she misses being surrounded by people who understand the quirks that come from living in a town of five thousand people. That, and the fact that he's sexy as sin, make Adam everything she feels like she's missing.
The only problem? He's her best friend's kid brother...
Adam Sanders wants to settle down, find a good woman and start a family like he sees so many of his friends doing. But how is he supposed to meet Ms. Right when he's constantly on the road for work? When he's sent to New York to handle a repair that would typically be contracted out as a favor to his boss, he's just about to his breaking point.
Everything changes when the stagehand sent to open the theater for him is none other than his big sister's childhood friend. The same girl he lusted after as a teenager. Could this be fate's way of showing him that he was looking in the wrong place for love?
As Adam and Carly's friendship develops, lines will be crossed and rules will be broken. Will they be able to come out the other side without destroying everything they had back in Brooklyn?

With the exception of three years spent in the middle of Nebraska, H.B. Heinzer has called southern Wisconsin home. During that time in Nebraska, she imagined one of her favorite authors living on the far western edge of the county, just south of the highway. At the time, becoming a novelist was a distant dream for her. Now, she is the author living in that location. Ironically, she later found out that same favorite author lives just outside the town HB lived in for the first eighteen years of her life.
Now, HB lives in the middle of nowhere but still close enough to the city to not feel isolated. It's the perfect place to let her two kids run and explore their huge yard, teach them about the food chain as they prepare their first-ever garden and debate building a chicken coop. It's one of those dreams that is only possible thanks to the amazing opportunities that have come through writing.

1 winner: Signed copy of Bent and Breaking the Rules (US ONLY) 

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Mirror by Candace L. Bowser Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!!!

Book Title:  The Mirror
Author:  Candace L. Bowser
Release Date:  June 18, 2013
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Horror
Length:  280 Pages
Publisher:  GMTA Publishing LLC
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours

Adrianna Bristol stood before her grandmother's antique mirror and stared at the black velvet cloth covering it. She just couldn't believe her nana was gone. The mirror had hung in that exact same spot for the last twenty years, never once had it been moved from the alcove. Adrianna remembered the stern words of her grandmother when she was a child. Annabel Bristol had told her, "promise me Adrianna that you will never uncover the mirror. No matter what it may whisper to you, you must never remove the cover." Adrianna laid her hand against the cool velvet which covered the glass. As she walked away the mirror whispered to her, "you belong to me now. You belong to me." A four hundred year old curse has  plagued the Bristol family since the 1600's. A curse born out of a love so rich and a betrayal so deep, that time itself has no power to stop it. Only Adrianna has the courage to find the truth behind the curse and set her family free. But will the Mirror release its darkest secrets?


Gus took me directly to the cathedral that Archbishop Theodorus presided over. I walked to the central office and knocked on the closed door.
“Come in, please.”
“I need to speak with Archbishop Theodorus please.”
The nun looked over the top of her reading glasses before laying down the papers she was reading.
“I am sorry but you must request an audience with the Archbishop if you wish to see him. I can check his calendar and see when the next time he is available and schedule you to see him.”
I leaned over the desk, placing my hand in the center of her papers only inches away from her.
“Tell the Archbishop that Baroness Bristiolli is waiting in his office, and she is not pleased.”
I sat down in the chair in front of her desk and waited as she picked up the phone. She spoke to him in Italian, no doubt believing that I would not understand. It was difficult to contain myself as she told him who was sitting in her office.
“You need to come immediately,” she whispered. She hung up the phone and began to apologize. I did not answer her or accept her apology, instead I waited in silence for Theodorus to make his entrance.
After a short period of time, the door flew open and smashed into the wall. The Archbishop stood in the doorway startled at the sight of me. He was expecting Annabel, not her granddaughter.
I rose and offered him my hand. He graciously shook it, still in shock at my unannounced appearance.
“We have much to discuss Theodorus. Why don’t you give me a tour of the cathedral while we talk?”
I walked into the open area of the cathedral and waited for him to follow.
“I know you were expecting to see Annabel so I must apologize. I must assume you are not aware my grandmother passed away four days ago. I am the heiress of the Bristiolli estate now, and I have questions which you will answer.”
“I am very sorry about Annabel. She was a fine woman and devoted Catholic. We shall include her in the prayers at this evening's mass. I do not understand why you came all this way to question me. Wouldn’t it have been easier to pick up the phone?”
“Would you really have answered if I called? The nun in your office was not going to let me see you until I told her who I was. A man of God shouldn’t lie Theodorus; you could put your soul in peril.”
“Annabel said you did not embrace her faith. Why should I help someone who cares so little for God?”
“You mistake my disdain for a lack of faith. I have faith Archbishop. I have faith that you will help me or all the donations made by the Bristiolli family will come to an abrupt halt. I know the answers I seek are within the walls of this cathedral as well as the monastery in Benevento, and you will lead me to them.”
“You would blackmail a man of God to obtain what you desire?”
“Let me make this perfectly clear to you Theodorus. I will do anything necessary to free my mother from that mirror’s grasp!”
The Archbishop froze where he stood unable to speak. I had seen the same fear only a few days before in the eyes of my Aunt.
What power did the mirror have to hold sway over an Archbishop?
“I cannot speak to you about this. I will give you the address of a man who can be of assistance. You may have access to all the records kept in the hall beneath the cathedral. This is all I can do to help you Baroness Bristiolli. If I am caught, I will be excommunicated.”
He motioned to one of the passing priests to come to him.
“Baroness Bristiolli wishes to view the sealed records of her family. Would you please escort her to the family vault and grant her access to the records room?”
The young priest nodded in agreement. Archbishop Theodorus turned to face me and laid his hand on my shoulder.
“I shall come to check on you in a few hours. Anything you may need Father Alto will gladly bring you.”
The young priest asked me to accompany him. I followed him down a series of corridors that led to what appeared to be a crypt.
“If you need anything, just pull this rope. It will ring the bell upstairs in the priest’s main hall. I will come as quickly as I can. I will unlock the door to the records room on my way out. It is the fourth door on the left.”
As quickly as he could, Father Alto left the room. The vault appeared to create the same type of nervousness in the priest as it had in Archbishop Theodorus. What was it about my family that they feared so much?
I lit the torches hanging in the sconces on either side of the vault. There were several crypts carved into the wall with names inscribed on the brass plates. I ran my hand across the plates. Each of them was dated with the time of their death. I read them while leaning in closer to see them more clearly.
The first plaque read: Pope Significant the 1st, Born September 10th 1623 Died October 31st 1674. The second plaque read: Bishop Germanus Died October 31st, 1674. I paused as I read the third plaque. I knew the name. He was the Bishop who went to see Josephina and never returned.
It was the last plaque that frightened me the most. It read simply; Bertrand Denallio.

An avid writer, Candace works nearly every day on one of her manuscripts. Though she predominately composes works of horror, she also writes mystery, suspense, and adventure. During the 1990’s she was a featured columnist for PRS in Kansas City. In 2011, Candace was honored by being voted one of the Top 20 Most Prolific Authors by AKG mag.. Her books are an unusual blend of historical places and events, along with fictional and non-fictional characters, which she seamlessly weaves into the story .Originally from south-central Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Kansas City with her husband Todd.

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Dare Me by Eric Devine Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!!!!

When Ben Candido and his friends, Ricky and John, decide to post a YouTube video of themselves surfing on top of a car, they finally feel like the somebodies they are meant to be instead of the social nobodies that they are. Overnight, the video becomes the talk of the school, and the boys are sure that their self-appointed senior year of dares will live in infamy. Every dare brings an increased risk of bodily harm, but Ben cannot deny the thrill and sense of swagger that come with it. The stakes become even more complex when a mysterious donor bankrolls their dares in exchange for a cut in the online revenue the videos generate. But at what point do the risk and the reward come at too high of a price? What does it take to stay true to one’s self in the face of relentless pressure?

Eric Devine is the Young Adult fiction author of Dare Me (pub. date 10/8/13), Tap Out and This Side of Normal
He is also a high school English teacher and education consultant. 
Eric married his high school sweetheart, and together they are raising two daughters in Upstate, NY.
He is represented by Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Both Dare Me and Tap Out are edited by Lisa Cheng and published by Running Press.

1 Winner will get this awesome t-shirt + an ARC of DARE ME by Eric Devine
Must be 13+ To Enter – Shipping in the US Only

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