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Friday, April 5, 2013

Boneless chicken at KFC!?!

I'm sorry. Did I somehow fall asleep and end up in some alternate universe where KFC no longer sells Kentucky Fried Chicken? It is bad enough that their "original recipe" is now "overly soggy recipe" and they got rid of "extra crispy recipe" in most of their restaurants but now I think they are going over the line. Are you ready for it? KFC is now going to start selling boneless chicken!!!! 

I know..the couch now seems a little lower (hopefully you didn't miss it when you went to sit down after that revelation), the room may seem a little unstable, and your vision may be a little fuzzy around the edges. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but still. Boneless chicken? Are you out of your freaking mind?! 

I have already went on strike from KFC because of the supposed "original recipe" not being what I remember it being. But this, I have no reason to lift my ban. I understand that they are trying to appeal to a larger audience. Maybe they are losing money. I don't know. But I think instead of carrying more different kinds of chicken, they really need to go back and re-focus on the chicken they already carry. Oh yeah...and lower the freaking prices!!! Holy crap...I feel like I am giving my arm when I have to pay for the food after I order it!!!

I'm sorry KFC but you are so far down the list of my favorite fast food restaurants now that I bet you can smell the soil. Not that you have been anywhere near the middle for a very long time but still. Now you aren't even worth mentioning anymore.

What's wrong with cursive writing?

Ok. Maybe I am old school but I don't see why people are "outraged" that schools are starting to require kids to learn cursive writing. Why? We had to learn it. It seems that the only people that are "outraged" are the people that were never good at it in school themselves. 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I was the expert at cursive writing. My penmanship is sloppy at best, but I still know how to do it. My friend told me that her husband had a customer come into his store (18 years old) that did not know how to sign their name for a credit card purchase. You gave first of all an 18 year old a credit card? But more importantly; how did you get the credit card without signing for it?

This is my point...how are you going to sign contracts? Loan agreements? Or other important paperwork if you don't learn cursive writing? It's not hard to do. I know there are so many more things to teach kids in school, but I don't see any reason why a kid knows how to type but not how to sign his name. I think it is ridiculous and the people who are "outraged" need to come up off their high horse.

Why is it you are so "outraged" anyway? Don't you have anything better to do? Isn't there bigger fish out there to b**** about? Really? I know there are other activist issues out there going on that really hold much more importance. But, hey, I guess if you feel it necessary to focus on this, how about you learn cursive writing?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Who wants to play freeze tag?

So yesterday I ran around playing freeze tag and a revised version of Marco polo.  It was fun. I wasn't the only adult (there were three of us) but we were definitely outnumbered by the children (there were 5 of them). I realized as we played that not only did we forget how to play (the kids had to school us) but we forgot HOW to play. I haven't had that kind of fun in a long time. Yes, I am very, very sore today but I feel like a little piece of me that has been missing has been found. We get so caught up in every day life and day-to-day chores that we forget to stop and have fun.
Kids today are so wrapped up in video games that when you ask them to play outside they look at you like you just told them the beloved dog died. But not yesterday. My kids forgot all about the video games when the adults said "who wants to play freeze tag?"
As I watched them run around chasing each other (and having to run from them myself), I found a peace inside of me. These were the things we lived for when we were young. The interaction with the neighborhood children and cousins; family. I didn't realize how much I missed this. I thought I already was happy and content. Not completely.
I wish we could have played longer but it started to rain. I did have to be a parent then and say "Hey, time to go inside. It's raining". The kids were sulking (and maybe the adults too) but I learned a very important lesson. Don't stop being a kid because you have them.
Now today I'm feeling the affects of being out of shape.  But it's worth it. To see the smiles on their faces as they chased each other and feeling the smile on my own as I ran screaming from them is priceless. Not that they don't smile on a day to day basis but not like that.
Happy Easter! !!!!